Experiment Programming and Survey Design

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Survey Design

We have a lot of knowledge when it comes to designing surveys. When it comes to survey design, we are careful to make sure that our surveys ask the right questions without biasing respondents' answers.

Technologies we use: Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python

Online Experiment Programming

Running experiments online is becoming increasingly popular. With online data collection, data from thousands of participants can be collected in a matter of days. In addition, samples collected online tend to be more representative than those collected in the lab.

We're not talking about just surveys - We can collect data on reaction time measures and measures that feature animation.

Technologies we use: HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey

Sustained inattentional blindness research task
Multiple object tracking research task

In-Lab Experiment Programming

In-lab experimental tasks are the bread and butter of almost any social science research lab. At AcuPsy, we can program almost any type of experimental task including ones that feature animation and ones that need to be sychronized with an eye-tracking device.

Technologies we use: E-Prime, Experiment Builder, Qualtrics, Python

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